Lock out Laws

Lock out Laws

As the most contested topic of conversation at the moment and whilst I believe that the new legislation will have little to no effect on our hotel or our patrons, I strongly disagree with the new laws based on the following three points:

1. I believe these laws are a band-aid solution that don't actually address the problems associated with alcohol, drugs and violence in society

2. Laws need to be instigated equally across the board. Why should casinos be omitted
Here's my analogy; It's like playing a game of Rugby, League or Union, when you're tied at the 60 minute mark and Team A (casinos) are allowed to keep playing with a full team while Team B (everyone else) need to sideline all but five guys - let's keep playing and see what happens?

3. The reality is - business will suffer and people will lose their jobs.

- Nick Gregorski


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